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Product Consulting

From discovery to delivery, our product consulting services help you build products that matter.


In an ever-evolving digital ecosystem, making informed decisions about your product can be the difference between leading your industry or falling behind. We understand the intricate world of technology and how it continually shapes the business landscape. With a dedicated approach to helping you craft and navigate your path to digital success our Product Consulting services aim to provide you with the expertise and insights you need to excel.

Product Vision & Strategy

We start by getting to know your business inside and out. We dive deep into your goals, values, and the unique qualities that define your products and services. With a clear understanding of your business and the market, we work closely with you to develop a product strategy that aligns with your goals ensuring that your business has a clear picture on who your product is for, and what the product should achieve throughout its lifecycle. This strategy encompasses features, functionality, scalability, and more.

Product Discovery

With a comprehensive approach, we will help you research, ideate, and design to drive innovation and growth. Our methodical Product Discovery process seamlessly integrates product development, design, and engineering expertise. At the core of our strategy lies a profound dedication to customer-centricity and the principles of design thinking.

By placing significant emphasis on user experience (UX) and customer experience (CX), we create a simple yet potent product that perfectly aligns with your users' needs and desires. Our primary goal is to ensure that the products you develop are not only valuable but also usable, feasible, and viable.

Product Development

We believe in building it right. Our team of product consultants possesses extensive experience as Product Owners and Scrum Masters, making them well-versed in the best practices of product delivery. They are highly adaptable and committed to achieving the most effective outcomes. Utilizing an Agile approach, our design and development teams create products that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly responsive to real-world customer needs.

We meticulously break down the work into detailed, manageable, and prioritized tasks, ensuring that the entire team has a clear understanding of what needs to be developed next. Driven by results and close collaboration, we focus on delivering tangible business value, rather than just a list of features.

Product Optimisation

Designed to facilitate your growth journey, our approach is modular and ongoing. From qualitative and quantitative research data to product prioritization and growth metrics, we employ a comprehensive framework of measures and metrics throughout the product development process.

We're committed to ensuring your product consistently performs at its best, delivering utmost customer satisfaction. We conduct regular reviews to identify key areas that require improvement. This evaluation equips you with actionable and prioritized insights for improving customer acquisition, engagement, retention, and loyalty.

Our dedication to delivering the best possible results drives us to persistently seek improvement, drawing valuable lessons from our past experiences.

Product Coaching

Our Product Coaching Team's focus is to enhance customer satisfaction and in driving higher product adoption through personalized and data-driven training sessions.

We offer bespoke coaching and training solutions to elevate your organization's capabilities. Our goal is not only to elevate your product team's expertise but also to empower them to work independently, reducing reliance on our services.

Why Choose Quinoid’s Product Consulting Services

Our reputation as a leading IT company stems from our commitment to excellence, innovative thinking, and a results-oriented approach. We've successfully assisted businesses from various industries in their journey to digital success.

Armed with expert insights, our consultants can help you make data-driven decisions that enhance your product's success. We set out what needs to be done and we make it happen.

We offer a fresh, new way of product thinking. When you partner with us for Product Consulting, you're tapping into a wealth of knowledge and experience that can propel your business forward.

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