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Social Media Management

Engage, Connect, and Build Relationships

Social media Marketing has played a major role in the overall growth and evolution of digital marketing. We create and run social media marketing campaigns on all top social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. As a social media marketing company, We offer the following services.

Brand Awareness Campaign

The success of every company begins with people knowing about its existence. Brand awareness is the degree of a brand’s consciousness in the minds of its target customers. All businesses large and small alike need brand awareness to create sales. Keeping your target customers aware of your brands is what drives sales in the end.

With the help of social media marketing ads you can create and manage your brand image. We create visually engaging ads with compelling content. We use an array of techniques and strategies like hashtags, strategic complementary partnerships, targeted guest blogging, informative podcasting, and native advertising that can get lots of eyeballs on your brand.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is the generation of prospective consumer interest or enquiry into products or services of a business.

We believe that every lead is an opportunity for good business. We begin the lead generation process by contacting your target customers and getting them interested in seeing your content- be it case studies, newsletters, white papers or other forms of media. Our lead generation experts ensure that those with purchasing power and a high likelihood of being interested in your product gain exposure to your product and organization. The excellent lead generation service offered by Quinoid ensures that your time and energy are not wasted on low-quality leads.

Once a lead has been generated it will be nurtured until your sales team is able to move them through the purchase funnel. We develop and deliver competitive, cost effective demand pipeline support.

Website Branding

The website branding service is changing day by day and the most innovative and latest techniques are getting involved in this work. Our online marketing services wing has a special team dedicated to website branding which can provide impeccable branding services for your website. With increased traffic to your website, you get more potential leads and bigger clientele. Your interaction with your potential customers is improved, thereby making your brand more authoritative.

We help you in gaining an enticing image online so that your customers are impressed by your website. Our careful branding services will help you at all ends from creating awareness about your products to improving your rankings on all search engines.

App Installment Campaign

In this ultra competitive app marketplace, marketers have to battle hundreds or even thousands of direct competitors for user attention. Such a flooded app marketplace means paid install campaigns are a must. For an app to get noticed it needs to generate a volume of installs from both organic and paid sources.

Working with multiple ad networks, our experts create innovative campaigns that can funnel traffic out to your app. We can easily create, manage and measure ad campaigns that gets more installations of your app and collect better leads for your business.

Out highly effective and targeted campaigns can achieve

  • High ranking for your apps in quick time.
  • Increased popularity of your app.
  • Provide high quality real users.
  • Optimise your apps for a higher visibility within the app stores

Like Campaign

More than 1.7 billion people around the world use Facebook. Whether you want to enhance your posts, promote your page or create and manage brand image, Facebook is your answer. Having thousands of Facebook likes builds more trust and people will be more interested in your brand.

The ideal way to increase the number of your Facebook Page likes is to grow it organically. This can be achieved by sharing great content, and by conducting a Facebook Like campaign. At Quinoid we aim to target people who might be interested in your brand and the posts you share on Facebook. Our campaigns are designed and optimised to acquire considerable customer attraction thereby increasing page likes.

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