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Design Consulting

Design from scratch, redesign, or product improvement - our design experts use a human-centered approach to find simple solutions to your complex problems


At Quinoid, we believe that design is a crucial aspect of any digital product's success. We help decode, design and amplify the way customers respond to your business by putting the user at the forefront. Our design consulting experts listen closely, diving deep into how users interact with your products and services to discover valuable opportunities. We nurture these opportunities with strategic design solutions, quick improvements, simulations, and our unique creative tools. Plus, our prototype-driven method ensures your business solutions are designed for real world impact.

Design Thinking

We employ a design thinking approach to problem-solving. It's a method that blends empathy, creativity, and logic to address even the most intricate challenges. This powerful technique allows us to truly understand the people we're designing for, tap into our creative potential, and use a systematic approach to create groundbreaking solutions. It's all about stepping into the shoes of the end users, sparking imaginative ideas, and then applying a structured process to make those ideas a reality.

Our dedicated UX research experts employ a comprehensive range of research methodologies, including user interviews, surveys, usability testing, and data analysis to create impactful experiences that enhance user satisfaction, increase engagement, and maximize the effectiveness of your digital solutions.

UI/UX Audit

Our UI/UX audit services are built on the same foundation of Design Thinking. We approach each audit with empathy for your users and a creative eye for detail. By meticulously examining your user interfaces, design, usability, information architecture, and overall user journey, we identify areas for improvement, ensuring that your digital products not only meet but exceed user expectations. Through this process, we transform complex interfaces into user-friendly, intuitive designs. We go beyond aesthetics, delving deep into the functionality, accessibility, and overall user experience, helping you create digital products that truly stand out in the digital landscape.

Web Design

Our web design agency collaborates with top global brands and innovative startups to craft exceptional digital experiences on the web. We are dedicated to designing impactful and responsive websites full of brand personality. Our web designs are optimized to boost traffic, engagement, and conversions for businesses in various sectors.

With a design-focused and strategy-driven approach, our creative experts hone your brand's vision to shape the overall look and feel of your website. During the website project's design phase, our objective is to leverage stunning visuals with a distinct purpose. We do this by establishing a clear design path that ensures a seamless experience across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

UI/UX Design

A game-changing app concept is just the start. To truly excel in the market, you need an exceptional user interface (UI) design that ensures a great user experience (UX).

We understand that the success of any digital product relies on an exceptional user interface and user experience. Our UI/UX design consultants are experts in crafting visually stunning and user-friendly interfaces for both mobile and web applications. They possess a deep understanding of user behavior, information architecture, and interaction design principles, enabling them to create seamless and engaging experiences for your target audience.

For mobile applications, whether it's iOS or Android, our designers are proficient in creating platform-specific designs that align with the respective design guidelines and best practices.

When it comes to web applications, our design services focus on creating responsive and adaptive designs that provide consistent and intuitive experiences across different devices and screen sizes. They emphasize accessibility, usability, and aesthetics to deliver designs that captivate and engage users.

Bring your vision to life with our expert UI/UX specialists. Our forte is creating simple, elegant, and sophisticated user interfaces and experiences that help to make business future-ready and stand out in the marketplace.

Prototyping and Wireframing

A prototype is the heart of your design innovation. It makes startups’ dreams a reality and attracts investment. Prototyping and wireframing can save businesses hundreds of hours of lost time and effort by defining the hierarchy of items on a screen and giving a clear understanding of how to communicate them based on user needs.

Our design consultants are skilled in creating interactive prototypes that bring your ideas to life. By utilizing industry-leading prototyping tools, we enable you to visualize and test the functionality and user experience of your digital products before development. Our prototyping services allow for early feedback and iteration, ensuring that the final product meets your vision and user expectations.

Creating a brand image is a process and needs an optimal combination of the world of design and business. At Quinoid, we understand that design is the silent ambassador of your brand. In addition to great visual values and uniqueness, it should, above all, radiate an awesome brand personality that can subconsciously meet the expectations of your business customers, steal their attention, build trust and relationships, and win their hearts.

Our brand design experts are a group of professionals focused on the success of your brand. With years of experience, we create comprehensive image concepts for new brands and products effectively blurring the boundaries between design and business. Our branding services team strives to create branding and rebranding concepts that help you define what your brand stands for.

Why Choose Quinoid’s Design Consulting Services

Our design consulting team is multidisciplinary in nature and composed of experts in various design domains who are adept in leveraging the power of design to achieve your business goals. This approach allows us to provide comprehensive solutions for your design needs.

We know that aesthetics matter and embrace innovation and are constantly exploring new design trends and technologies to keep your digital presence fresh and engaging. With a collaborative approach, we work closely with you to understand your specific goals and objectives ensuring that your design solutions are tailor-made to your business.

Our portfolio speaks for itself. We have a track record of delivering design solutions that meet and exceed our clients' expectations. Whether you're a startup looking for a unique brand identity or a large enterprise in need of a complete design overhaul, our design services are scalable to meet your requirements.

Elevate your digital presence, enhance your brand, and ensure an exceptional user experience with our Design Consulting Services.

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